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东莞市emcbet下载emcbet 安卓有限公司
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Dongguan Hang Hing Boiler Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Wu
Cell phone: 13676197080
Telephone: 0769-81278585
Fax: 0769-81278516
Mailbox: 13676197080@126.com
Address: Dongguan City Qiaotou town Lianhu Road (Jing Lian No. 142-146)

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    Dongguan City Hang Xing Boiler Co., Ltd., State Bureau of quality and technical supervision (former State Department of labor) approval of the designated for the modernization of B-class boiler and type I and II pressure vessel manufacturing enterprises, scientific research, design, manufacture, sale, installation, maintenance and service in one, specializing in the production of fuel oil, gas, coal and electric heating industrial boilers, the company after more than 50 years of development, with technical force is abundant, the computer auxiliary equipment system (CAD) to optimize the design. Advanced technology and equipment, perfect quality assurance system, perfect testing means. The production of coal-fired steam boiler is the company to absorb the international advanced thermal technology and experience in the development of a new type of products. Company covers an area of more than one million square meters, fixed assets of 65 million yuan, all kinds of middle and senior technical professional titles more than 80 people. Company will be first-class product quality, excellent leading performance, good corporate reputation, to ensure that the new and old customers to provide high-quality "Hang Hing" boiler.

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